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A&S Impact Now

Double Your Impact! All gifts will be matched up to $500,000 by an anonymous donor.  $112,154 raised from 169 gifts. 

Meet Nailah, a College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Student

"Thank you for supporting scholarships at UC. Because of your gifts students like me are able to attend UC and work towards a better future. I’ve had wonderful mentors along my college journey that have inspired me to keep going and to strive for success. I hope to one day give back to UC students as well." Nailah, Communication ’21


COVID-19 has significantly impacted institutions of higher education across the country. With state funding being drastically reduced and an anticipated loss of enrollment due to the health and financial uncertainty of our students and their families, UC, and our College, are experiencing major operational cuts, as well as staff furloughs. The College of Arts and Sciences has boldly acted to address these challenges and remains committed to delivering the quality of education that makes you proud to be a Bearcat. 

While we are working tirelessly to provide solutions for our College’s challenges, the measures we are taking to address our budgetary shortfalls caused by the global pandemic will not be enough. More than ever, we need you to engage with us, donate to your areas of passion, and to amplify our message. 

Giving to unrestricted funds such as the UC Fund for Arts and Sciences will allow us the flexibility to support the areas of greatest need within the College. If you wish to focus your help toward assisting students in dire financial circumstances and ensure they remain in school, designate your gift toward the Arts and Sciences Emergency Support Fund.  Employees of the College are enduring the effects of the pandemic and experiencing furloughs. To directly support these pivotal members of our College please consider donating to the Arts and Sciences Employee Emergency Support Fund. Additionally, if you have a passion for student scholarship support, consider making your gift to the Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund. Regardless of your area of passion, please consider making your impact today.

In times of crisis, it’s important to focus efforts on what you can control and where you can make an impact. In the College of Arts and Sciences, this means providing the type of educational opportunities that will prepare our students to enter this new world in a position of strength. 


How Will My Gift Make a Difference? 

There are countless examples of how philanthropy can immediately help our students and staff members. To name a few: 

• $125 can support a department student worker for two weeks.

• $250 can ease the financial burden of textbooks.

• $425 can support a week's stipend for a graduate assistant. 

• $1,000 can support a full-time academic advisor for a week.

• $2,000 can clear the outstanding debt of a student prevented from enrollment. 

• $3,600 can support a class taught by an adjunct faculty member.

• $5,000 can assist an undergraduate student with tuition for a semester. 


To support an A&S fund not listed on this page, visit this giving form. UC faculty and staff can give via payroll deductionIf you wish to learn about other ways you can make an immediate impact, please email Michael Griffin, Senior Director of Development, or call (614) 558-4027.


*All donations are tax deductible*