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Rock of Truth Vision

The Alma Mater, the school’s song, was created in 1907 and first dubbed A Varsity Song. Three elements of the Alma Mater are the Fountain of Eternal Youth, A Tower of Strength and a Rock of Truth. Images of two of these elements exist within the campus green area. Sigma Sigma desires to create the third element, the Rock of Truth. The trio would pay homage to the song while also having a deeper meaning around the word, Truth.

As information and points of view become omnipresent, the truth becomes elusive, difficult to decipher and depends greatly on perspective. We believe that college students should be encouraged to seek out Truth during their tenure at UC.

This Rock of Truth element should inspire thought and reflection on what the Rock of Truth means in our lives and as Bearcats. We believe that there has been no better time to consider this project than now.

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About Sigma Sigma

Founded in 1898, Sigma Sigma is an upperclassmen honorary fraternity that recognizes students for outstanding achievement and contribution to our university. The alumni of Sigma Sigma are an active group who have raised millions of dollars toward its mission of Leadership, Service and Commitment to the University of Cincinnati. Past gifts have included Sigma Sigma Commons, the Bearcat Statue and a Leadership Cincinnati program marking UC’s Bicentennial.