Charge Into the Next Century

Charge Into the Next Century

Why support the Bearcat Bands?


Inspired by the Marching Band's 65+ year traditional CHARGE! down the Nippert Stadium steps at home football games, Charge into the Next Century is the Bearcat Bands' initiative to put a quality instrument in the hands of every band member.

Our goals are to:

  1. REPLACE: provide quality instruments that all look and sound alike for every student in the Band,
  2. REPAIR: allow for additional instrument purchases to accommodate the growth and popularity of the band,
  3. ENDOW: establish a fund for ongoing instrument maintenance and repair.

Many students in the band program currently use their personal instruments in all-weather situations. Rain, for example, can do considerable damage to a woodwind instrument. In addition, a good number of instruments in our school-owned inventory are very depreciated and even irreparable. 

Our supportive fans, family, and friends are helping us to purchase and maintain new instruments meaning that we will no longer have to burden students with this substantial expense, and we will not have to turn students away who do not have their own instrument. Further, the uniformity of sound and appearance resulting from the consistent use of high-quality instruments will be transformative.

Bearcat Bands is a unit of UC’s Division of Student Affairs, and maintains partnerships with UC Athletics and the College-Conservatory of Music. Students receive little to no scholarship support for their participation in the band. The band relies on funding from student fees and the generous support of donors.